Thursday, November 8, 2012

3 Weeks

been about 3 weeks since I last viewed porn.  Interesting enough, the first pornographic image I downloaded way back when was of two women and hopefully my last viewing of porn was also of two women.

Haven't kicked goal was one day.  Check that yesterday.  My next goal is to get to a whole week.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Radio Show

Here is a link to Gary's (founder of radio show.  Talking about no "flapping" -

Been over a year...

...since I've been trying to get of of porn.  The good news is I am no longer masturbating and viewing porn everyday.  I was say I view porn once every two weeks.   I'm writing this because I just relapsed.  I remember how confident I was when I started this process.  I feel so low right now but I've come a long way since, I just can't see the good.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get my full erection back.  I want to be in a relationship and fulfill my partner can I do either right now due to porn induced ED?

I also haven't been posting here.  I was posting at but they made a new site, .  I don't like the site because I never get any feedback.

Feeling like shit right now...