Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Radio Show

Here is a link to Gary's (founder of radio show.  Talking about no "flapping" -

Been over a year...

...since I've been trying to get of of porn.  The good news is I am no longer masturbating and viewing porn everyday.  I was say I view porn once every two weeks.   I'm writing this because I just relapsed.  I remember how confident I was when I started this process.  I feel so low right now but I've come a long way since, I just can't see the good.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get my full erection back.  I want to be in a relationship and fulfill my partner can I do either right now due to porn induced ED?

I also haven't been posting here.  I was posting at but they made a new site, .  I don't like the site because I never get any feedback.

Feeling like shit right now...