Monday, October 31, 2011

Where to Begin....

I am currently on day six of officially being on the No Porn, No Masturbation, No Fantasy and No orgasm diet.  However, technically its been about 9 days (however, last night was rough, as I did masturbate and did fantasize but without porn and orgasm).

Why am I doing this?  Because of 13 years of misery of having ED, starting when I was 19. After going to  every type of doctor, all who would tell me I was perfectly healthy, I had pretty much given up and was waiting for a miracle from God.  Finally, after a lot of payer, I found this website, and watched the following videos - .  It was the miracle I was questions answers...someone explaining what my problem is.

After reading testimonial after testimonial of men who went through exactly what I have gone through and am going through, I finally made up my mind that I'm going cold turkey.  Rather than doing this alone I figure it would be helpful to share it with....well everyone in the world...thank you Internet!


  1. I am glad I have found your blog. My partner suffers from this, but is in denial. It is breaking my heart, and makes me blame myself. I know it's not me however. It can really eat away at your selfesteem as a woman. I wish you luck and I shall do some catching up on your blog, and will be reading it daily. How can I contact you, I don't want to leave my email here. From Jackie I'm following you now too.

  2. Hello Jackie,

    Not to worry. You are not alone. My email is