Thursday, December 1, 2011

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"Puppy Love" Vs PMO

I was thinking back to my younger years when I would get "puppy love" and I really do miss those feelings. It seems when you start to PMO it just destroys ever having those feelings again because when you see someone you like, you just think about them lustfully. I think some of the elements of puppy love stick around but for the most part if your into PMO and have been for a while the lust part of your desire for that person will be in full effect as well. Its funny I think even as late as my early 20s (im in my early 30s now) I would still have puppy love. I know in high school I remember having it (most of us do I think) Its funny I remember not being able to get my crush out of my mind but at the same time I dont recall having lustful fantasies. They were more innocent in nature, the fantasies would involve just holding hands with her or taking a walk at sunset, looking into her eyes, etc. Its almost as if PMO is puppy love's evil twin because they keep the subject of your desire in your mind to where its all you think about yet with PMO its an addiction that involves pleasure hits to the brain. PMO is like Bizarro Superman. Its like would you rather date someone who looks amazing and is physically attractive in every way but has nothing in common with you whatsoever or someone who is average or maybe below average in looks but you can carry a conversation with them for hours on end? PMO will make you date the nothing in common attractive person. I guess the friends you keep also play a big part in that being important too, as with what society thinks. It keeps everyone so superficial. I guess unplugging from the matrix (rebooting) is the one true key.

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