Sunday, December 11, 2011

Friday night through Saturday Night

Last night I had more to drink then I usually do. Couldn't fall a sleep. When I woke up I was very tired. Unfortunately, I spent to much time in bed fantasying and edging, so my day started off very late.
I went to the tell end of a singles event. The women seemed into me but I felt to closed off to do anything. There was one woman I really wanted to go up to but I think inside the fear of rejection was there. But I also felt uncomfortable. Someone I knew ran it, an the one of the first "check you out" looks I got was from his wife. That through me for a loop and messed up my mojo. All I saw were dude going up to the girls, spend a few minutes talking and then gone, another one was in. There was one I should have approached but didn't. Women don't want you to "check them out" for too long, they want to see, want and approach. She gave me such a smile and tranced look....bad on me...but you know what, I didn't go into there with the right attitude. Those people were there to meet someone...I was just there.
I also found out tonight that the woman I took out did think we were a match but the woman that set us up really stress how she felt I was a great date, and she really enjoyed it. I'm cool with that but I was had be questions to.
Anyway, just got home.
Good night

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