Thursday, December 8, 2011

Morning of day 42

I was so tired last night and was like 90% ready to sleep but couldn't get the next 10%.  I woke up and got some chamomile tea...I realized I must of went to sleep the moment I hit the bed because I knock over the chamomile tea this morning.  LOL.   I noticed that when I woke up around 5am to turn o the fan that I had a nocturnal erection, OH YEA, 3 days in a row; I remained calm about it, just taking one day at a time.

However, I just can't go to bed on time and wake up on time.  I hit the buzzer from 5:30am to about 8:45am.  One of the learned ways to wake myself up is to think about sex, so today I thought about aggressive sex and did rub myself in my bed.  I had hardness to my penis but not a full erection.   I finally got out of bed when I notice I was start to get the hint I could cum.  The horniness stayed with me in the shower were I noticed I started to stroke myself and I stopped.

Argh.  One of the problems is I'm on the computer at before I go to bed.  Usually to give a end of the day blog.  But the computer scrambles the brain making it harder to sleep.  Bit I know if I write my blog down for the morning I'll most likely never post it.

Hmmmmmmm...I have to rethink my priorities.  Blog posting or have  a good sleep :-)

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