Saturday, November 12, 2011

Addicted to the Computer?

I can't pull myself away from this damn thing. I use it for work, I use it to communicate...I use it for everything (but no longer for porn Smiling ) I think it gives constant stimulation and something to do. Does anyone else find themselves on the computer for too much, even when not looking at porn?


I have the same problem with

I have the same problem with you. I'm gradually get rid of using computer too much. This article can clarify for us this addiction

very, very

much so. I made reference to it in one of my earlier blogs. My internet is going off on Saturday. I need a lifestyle change (at least initially) to rebuild some of the healthier activities, getting out more. gardening, DIY..right now I spend more time researching about activities i am going to do than doing them.
Today I have two laptops open, a home one and work one. My brain just needs a rest from this constant searching for new information. That in itself can be quite a buzz

A walk to the park

I took a walk to the park this sunday. It was amazing....of course I got home and went back on the computer.


well it's still better than on the computer then....went back on to the computer Smiling
I'm not doing so great myself, my net will soon be off (though I will be able to post) so I've decided to 'milk it' until it goes off Smiling
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I tried to comment on your blog

But it wouldn't let me, so I'll post this here.
I need to comment on recoveringmans description of porn addiction. While his bar graph and number system are good teaching tools, there are inaccuracies. High prolactin levels, or the accumulation of prolactin, are not part of the desensitization process, or porn addiction. Desensitization is thought to be similar in all addictions – a decline in dopamine and dopamine (D2) receptors.
The two week (twice daily surges) of prolactin is seen female rats, and may occur in human females. But there is no evidence that it occurs in human males. More importantly, many men with porn-induced ED have blood tests, and no one has yet to report high prolactin levels. Most people who write on the web about prolactin and libido/orgasm find the information through us. They tend to twist the concepts to fit their framework.
I point out this innacuracy because drugs exist that lower prolactin levels, and men use these powerful drugs to attempt to recover from “sexual exhaustion”. I want to prevent such nonsense, because prolactin has hundreds of important functions not related to reproduction, and these drugs can do damage with long term, and they are ineffective for addictions.


I'll go into the blog and take it down.

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