Wednesday, November 30, 2011

No TV For You! :-)

Someone emailed me on reuniting about why I feel that I am better off not owning and watching tv.  Here is my ramble:

You mean besides not having to watch the Giants get mutilated by the Saints? LOL!

There are a lot of reasons:

TV isn't interactive.  When one watches tv they are passive, just accepting what ever it tells and shows you.  You are like a drone.  I used to get sucked in watching it and the hours would just pass away.  It was just easier to sit their and accept the stimuli it gave me rather than going out and creating my own (a lot like porn right? Just accepting the images they show you for sex rather then going out and finding your own lover).

TV gave me a false impression and expectation about how life is or suppose to be.  In tv everything works out in the end and it only takes an hour for everyone to get rich, fall in love, etc.  Truth is, life is a lot of hard work, things don't go as planned and you have to deal with and over come a lot of bullshit.

Women are nothing like they portray on tv.  Heck, most men are nothing like they present on tv (women don't like guys like the guys in sitcoms).

I used to get sucked in to the political shows, since I stopped watching them I stopped getting emotional involved with politics and I am so much happier.  With sports, once you stop watching, eventually you see a game again and notice most of the players couldn't give a shit about doing well when they play.  If they don't care, why am I investing so much of my own energy.  Tonight, I'm going to soccer with some friends, good chance if I had a tv, I might have a reason not to go.

Most of all, I feel that I think more clearly with out it.  Don't get me wrong I spend to much time on the computer (haha) but I'm working on that too.

I went home for Thanksgiving and of course I ended up on the couch watching tv.  I watched some interesting stuff but seriously, I could have done so much more with that time.   Have you ever seen kids watching tv?  Its scary.  Their eye get huge and they just sit their in a trance.  Its not good.  You are giving completely strangers, with an agenda, open access to your brain.

I could ramble for a while more but does that help?

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