Sunday, November 13, 2011


I feel AMAZING right now.  Part of being abstinent is not just stopping porn viewing, masturbation, fantasy and orgasm...its about changing your life.  Its about getting away from being upfront of the computer and living life.  Being active.

This evening...I went ROCK CLIMBING!   There is an indoor rock climbing place by where I live.  I did the beginners class...I feel so good right now.  The amazing thing about rock climbing is that its not like going to the gym and lifting weight.  Its CHALLENGING both to your body and mind.  

I'm really proud of myself for going.  I was hesitating and had some anxiety but did it anyway.  I could just sit in my room anymore.  The energy I feel in my body right now is great.

For those of you reading this, its not about me "rock climbing".  Its about being active.  Getting yourself involved with something, being around others.   Give it a shot!

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  1. Alsom I could not believe how many beautiful women where there. It was like "Oh, this is where they've been hiding".

    Thinking about it while trying to go to bed, I realized that a lot of these women had flaws yet they still remained beautiful in my eyes. Durning my porn days those flaws would have been a major block to appreciating their beauty.