Saturday, November 12, 2011


A few years back, I read most of the book Think and Get Rich.  One aspect of the book that stood out, is that the author says that most successful men are married and they got married young.  He basically said, these men we able to use the same energy that most men use to chase women and apply it to their business or what either other pursuit the were looking to achieve rather then trying to get laid.   So when we look at women, one way to stop objectifying them, is to start seeing them as a potential wife rather than a "hook up" or a "lay".

Do you realize how much time and energy I, and all of us, waste or have wasted, on porn and other bullshit?   During some self reflection today I thought about where most of my unhealthy sexual thoughts/ideas come from?  Honestly, its  pop culture/secular culture movies, tv, music, magazines etc.  But mainstream culture is truly is completely harmful to the soul.  Its based off of sheer animalistic desires without respect for another.

My behavior over the last decade or so, is not who I truly am at my core.  At my core was/is to fall in love with a beautiful (in my eyes) women and dedicate my life and sex drive to her.

To point out how damaging porn is to men, can you think of an any animal that closes itself off to the world and sits alone masturbating 2 - 6 times day?   We've become zombies to an IMPULSE!

We need to refocus our values and our energy to being more self-productive.  To appreciate the little things and life and to not need the stimulation of constant orgasm.

We need to STOP Occupying our Computers and Stop Occupying our Brain with Porn and instead we need to start LIBERATING Ourselves to FOCUS ON REAL LIVING!

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