Monday, November 7, 2011

Natural Attraction

This morning while getting my coffee I noticed a woman who works in my office...the way she walked and was dressed just screamed sex to me.  I started getting feelings in my stomach and down there.  At first I rejected it.  But then later I realized I rejected it because the last time I had that feeling was when I looked at porn.  But then I got happy because that feeling came from seeing a real live woman!  And it meant I was ATTRACTED TO HER!   Last time I felt that was maybe high school.

When I was in to PMO everyone I saw I felt I should be attracted too.  So this morning I saw a woman I felt I was suppose to be attracted to but I wasn't so I was a little down.  Then I saw another woman, and a similar feeling that I had earlier came over me.  So I learned I will naturally tell myself who I am attracted to.  I don't need to F every girl who walks the planet.  I just need to let it come naturally.

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