Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this but what the heck -
Shortly before I found yourbrainonporn and reuniting I started doing Nurofeedback/EEG treatment. I originally went because I felt that my internet use had caused me to have severe ADHD. I also let the doctor know that I suffer from mysterious ED (which I've told all my doctors hoping for an answer). When I told him about the information I found on YBOP and porn induction erectlye disfunction, the Doctor conquered and said that it seemingly makes sense. He also told me that nurofeedback is extremely successful in treating other forms of addiction.
From my personal experience, I can say 100%, that I have been as successful as I have been 27 days due large in part to the nurofeedback treatment. I have seen a very noticeable change in my impulsive behavior, much of which contributed to my pmfo addiction, since doing the treatment. Here is some links to nurofeedback and addiction as well as information on how to find a practitioner.
http://www.isnr.org/isnrlist.cfm - I am sure you can do a google search for nurofeedback in your local area. If you need someone in the New York City metro area, email me and I give you a good doctor.  
You may also want to talk to Gary or Marnia or your personal Dr. but its helped me.  

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