Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Comment I left

Here is a comment I left on, for a member who relapsed after 67 days of no porn and masturbation.

Good job on 67 days...

...but know for some guys it took 90+ days to regain their erection. However, you still have a big problem as you admit to "I'm in front of the computer for hours every day, gambling most of the time, watching movies, searching things on ebay and so on...". That is a completely unhealthy lifestyle. The computer drains you of your energy and I KNOW because I've gone through it and am withdrawing from it as much as I am porn.
You've become addicted to your computer. You brain is searching for constant stimuli, and the computer gives you access to it. Therefor, how do you expect to see the results other guys have if you aren't doing the things other guys are doing? You have to force yourself to go out and do other things. Its hard, I know, but if you can do 67 days, you can definitely leave the computer screen.
I'll tel you this, I am much happier now that I don't watch movies (and I don't mean just porn but all movies). There is nothing on ebay you HAVE to own and their is nothing on ebay that you can't get at local store (unless you count the $3 million dollar painting of Bob Barker).  And gambling is a waste of a man's time and resources but if you LOVE it that much at least find a local poker game where you can interact with REAL PEOPLE. You may even make a friend or two.
This is not just about what you don't do but its also about what you are doing. You have to restrain yourself in some aspects of your life and push your ass in others to be successful at this. I'm only on day 21 (24 no O) but my attitude is that I've already accomplished this, I just need to bring it into reality.
Trust that God has given you enough strength and intelligence to achieve your goal and then go out and achieve it.

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