Saturday, November 12, 2011

Keeping my self "busy" by reading

"NOTE: a former porn user will remain hyper-sensitive to any cues his brain associated with porn, for a very long time, and possibly indefinitely. This means that even a casual peek can activate your brain's old response and increase inner conflict. Stay away from porn. Resist the urge to test yourself by "just looking" to gauge how you're doing."  Quoted from the end of this article -

This was day 17 of no PMFO.  Just now I watched an HBO show (these shows are the last as I finally cut out off all tv watching) and I saw a fairly heated sex scene, no nudity though.  I got a bit excited but then I got uncomfortable.  I got uncomfortable because I knew where the feeling was coming from.  Then uncomfortable because I was watch two other people engage in something private, then uncomfortable because I have a value system and they were breaking it because they we being unfaithful (which was part of the story line).

Porn is bad.   It has is no intringic value.   And our devotion to it is damn near idol worship.  When you watch porn you are watching an image but the image is not real.   Just like an idol, which may have what looks like eyes, ears, and month but it can not see, hear or talk.  These images can't touch us, speak to us, embrace us, yet we involve ourselves so deeply into them.

Just like when some prays to an idol, thinking they derive benefit from it but in truth they do not, we too think we are driving benefit from give over our brains and bodies over to these moving images but WE AREN'T.  The truth is we're being enslaved by them!

Free yourself, be like Abraham, smash your idols, give up porn, masturbation, fantasy and orgasm forever!


  1. I do think that everything you're doing is right.

    But the goal is to not ever have orgasm or masturbate again. If you think it is, you have failed already because that is impossible.

    You're supposed to never watch porn again, never masturbate USING porn and stop fantasizing for a while (60? maybe 90? days .. ) so that you fantasize without porn and masturbate without using porn.

    If you plan to never fantasize, masturbate or orgasm.. that will not work, then you're just unhealthy, but from the other side of the spectrum.

  2. Sorry, my comment up there is poorly written. What I'm trying to say is this..

    Stop using porn, and stop masturbating WHILE using porn. And stop fantasizing Using porn..
    Go cold turkey for like 80 or 90 days and you will be fine and healthy again.. if you just never go back to porn.

    After the 90 days however, you can, and should masturbate from time to time again. Then it will be natural.

    You can NOT go without fantasizing or masturbating or orgasm FOREVER.. it does not work, and is unhealthy, too.

    But DO abstain from ALL of that, for 90 days or more and you will be good again.

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  4. Thanks for you comment but it is possible. Hard but possible. You should watch this video - Its all about thinking positively.

    There are some men who are doing what I am doing who have gone 120 days. I will go as long as it take to rewire my brain to get healthy erections. In addition, the goal is to have expressing my sexual energy with a partner, and not with myself. I've had enough of masturbation. I'm taking it day by day and not trying to jinx myself. T

    oday was day 18 of no PMFO and 21 since my last Orgasm. My life is getting better. I see no reason why to stop.