Monday, November 21, 2011

Morning Woes.

Last night when i was having urges I had an amazing experience praying to G-d for help, very spiritual experience.   The rest of the night I had no issues.

This morning started out well but then my mind went hunting and I allowed it to do so.  A small fantasy led it to others and finally thought of a woman who I desire enough that I started fantasying and edging by grinding into my bed.  Spent way to much time doing that this morning.  I didn't cum.  When I came on line to write this I started "surfing" and I did have an urge to look at porn.

Today is 26 no pm(f) and 29 of no O.  I am a little disappointed  Reading about guys who relapse well into the process makes me nervous.  During the sexual urges my mind gets so compulsive and obsessed on the fantasy they're isn't enough room my to remember about all the progress I've been making.

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  1. Stop it when it starts
    The fantasy is surely not helping at all so the best thing is to stop it at all. How to do that? Just when you notice yourself starting the fantasies - say out loud (or in your mind) STOP. And then start thinking about something else. It will be much easier to cope with all urges then (;

    And don't concentrate on relapses - it happens but it doesn't mean that you should also relapse. Concentrate better on your will and strenght in breaking this addiction - imagine yourself as free and strong person - as you are.

    We're with you,
    Best wishes,

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    Mon, 2011-11-21 12:20 — Marnia
    Ksaver is right
    Nip the fantasy in the bud immediately. It will only make cravings worse if you allow it to continue. "Nipping" techniques:

    Can you do any thing to connect with some real women? Believe it or not, that's a big part of what your brain is actually looking for. (As opposed to what it *feels* like it's looking for... )