Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bunch of Thoughts - 11/10/2011

I wrote a bunch of things down at work to blog about but left the list at work, so I'll give it my best shot.
1. I have also noticed that my penis looks bigger since I've stop PMO (still working on the F). I not saying I've grown a third leg. It just looks healthier, fuller and longer, where as before it usually looked like a turtle's head.
2. I've notice that my posture has improved, especially when I am walking. I walk more upright. I feel stronger too.
3. Reading a lot of these relapse posts maybe wonder if we should start a hotline, like other addicts groups, so when one guy feels like he is going to lose it he can call someone up. What do you think?
4. I forgot what day I am on. I got confused because I have two lengths. One for how long I've gone with out orgasm and second how long since I've been abstinent (no pmfo). I believe I am 18 days with out orgasm and 15 without PMFO (of course there has been struggle but you get my point).
5. While on Facebook today, one of the friend suggestion they gave was of a woman I didn't know, but she was so sexy I couldn't help but taking a look. As I was going through her very sexy pictures, I started to get erect (at least the resemblance of one). Yes on one hand it was bad I was looking but on the other hand, I STARTED GETTING SEMI HARD JUST FROM SEXY PICTURES with NO nudity! That would have NEVER happened before the no pmfo. Which means I becoming more sensitive...YES! And I felt myself drawn to her which is different from the feeling I would get from porn viewing.
6. I try to avoid watching all tv, unfortunately I got caught up in an HBO show. So I caved an watched today and of course it opens with a woman having an orgasm during a sex sense. I actually became uncomfortable and shut off the volume and looked away. During each sex scene I skipped ahead. The show was also glamorizing and extra material affair. That bothered me. Truthfully, I never feel happy after watching tv. I don't own one, I watch through the internet. I think I'm done with tv, well at least entertainment, not football, at least not yet Smiling
6A. You know what porn and hollywood never show? A man enjoying himself durning sex. Its always the woman why is orgasmic and having the time of their life. No wonder I spent so much time masturbating is the role of the woman. Seriously, when I get back to having sex, you better believe I'm going to do my earnest to enjoy myself!
7. There were a few other things I wanted to say...but I forgot them and need to do laundry.
All the best!

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