Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Amazing Feeling!

Before I committed my self to abstaining from PMFO, when I first visited YBOP and Reuniting, I read some people's blog that would talk about how women were flashing smiles at them...FIRST.  Honestly, it sounds like one of those "Pick Up Artists" gimmicks but then I realized that YBOP and Reuniting are selling anything and these guys are also admitting how they were addicted to iron and lost the ability to get health erections...soooo...I suspended disbelief.

Today, day 34, I got my FRIST completely unexpected random smile from a woman I didn't know.  And it was AMAZING!

I was riding the elevator up to see the Doctor I do my nurofeedback training with (he is on a floor with a bunch of other doctors).  Anyway, this older, yet very attractive, woman was riding the elevator with me.  Now I wasn't wearing my fanciest clothes, I did get a new haircut, I wasn't flirting with her...actually I was drinking a snapple andI couldn't wait to get to the floor so I could go to the bathroom (not super sexy feeling).  After I finished taking a gulp, I notice out of the corner of my eye that she is looking right at me!  I look at her (almost in disbelief) and she gives me a smile!

Now this is where no PMFOing came in because you now what?  I smiled back!   While I was pmfoing I would have just ducked my head.

After my smile back, their was awkward silence, so I took the additional step to flirt a bit by reading to her the "Real Fact" which listed under the Snapple bottle cap.  I have it as I type this - "#741 Plants, like humans, can run a fever, if they are sick."   She had a good laugh and we got out and went to our separate appointments.

Now THIS IS where it gets amazing.  In the nurofeedback training, the warm up program that the doctor starts with, is like testing you "zen".  He puts a devise on you finger which measures your pulse.  The program tells you to breath a certain way and to think positive thoughts.  The devise has a success metric and it tells you how you are doing based on the colors red, blue and green.  Red is bad, blue is ok and green is good.  I am on level 2, which is actually NOT an easy level.   Recently, I am about 40% red 40%green and 20% blue  The program tells you in the beginning to think of a positive emotion, so I choice the feeling of the woman smiling at me.  

I did SO WELL, that the doctor told me that I must have some secret weapon!  I laughed and told him I did without telling him what.  I did about 87% green, with very little red.  I was feeling SO good you can't believe it!  Heck, I wouldn't believe it had I not experienced it.

Ok, now I'm going to get a bit religious with you but it has a point.  This experience reminded me of two things I learned recently from two very important spiritual leaders.

First, is "Think good and it will be good".   Now of course thats simple enough, but there was a whole lesson that went along with it which made its such more intense message.

And second is, was about marriage and the relationship between men and women, which is:  That Adam, the first man, was created from "nothingness" and their for man has  in his psychological DNA the memory of being "nothing", which  is why men have  a fragile ego and is also trying so hard to active because they have this fear of being nothing.  Eve, on the other hand, was created from Adam, was created from "something", and therefor they don't have this fear of being nothing.   The lesson, was to tell women to treat their man like he is something and for the a man never to degrade his woman (as women know they are something, that want to be a highly valued something, not a lowly something).

The reason I bring this up, is because it felt so good to be recognized by that woman in the elevator as SOMETHING...and something worth enough to express a positive expression to!  It improved my whole day!  After she did that I wanted to give her something, anything, even something as simple as what it said on my snaffle bottle cap.  And when she laughed it felt great again!

Its important that we find women who make us feel good...like something...because a good woman helps us "Think Good" and so life "will be good" or at least a lot better.  And its important for us, as we get over this addiction and to NEVER degrade our women like they do in porn.  We should be givers, not takers.  Make them felt like the greatest thing in the world, 10 out of 10!

Anyway, I had to express that...sorry for any Apple Autocorrect confusion, bad grammar or over enthusiasm.  I also am doing my best to be off the computer by 8 so Good night all.

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