Saturday, November 12, 2011

Edged This Morning - 11/10/2011

I edged this morning and I did it in the worst way, as I was laying face down in bed, rubbing myself against the bed, Gary put a link where they found this is the worst way to masturbate. My penis had "hardness" but it wasn't "erect". The fantasy was not based on a porn scene but a real woman I saw in the street yesterday. However, the fantasy was extremely aggressive. In the past, as with today, is that after I would do my first edge laying face down, I would turn over on my back and then masturbate with my hand. Today, I turned over on my back, reach for my dick but the moment I touch it...I stopped. I relaxed myself and got out of bed. At one point I was thankful to be out of bed but at the other point I was worried about the fact that I had to edge (and almost came) to do so...however, I've been doing this for years.
The problem is this. Since I have had P.I.E.D. (1997 or 98), my sleep has not been very good. Not only do I find myself waking up late but when I do wake up I'm barely up....I can't move, I can barely do anything. The way I am able to arouse myself is to sexually arouse myself, so I start thinking of sexual fantasies, which always leads to masturbation....thankful today it didn't lead it orgasm. Has anyone else have this problem? I'm assume that the best answer is just sleep late rather then fantasize and masturbate?
By the, has anyone else felt their dick convulse like it would if it was cumming, but you don't cum. Its happens when I edge.
PS: I wrote that this morning but I am only now posting it. I feel fairly bleak today.


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Here's an idea

For centuries, men have used sexual arousal + energy circulation to arouse and circulate their sexual energy (without orgasm) because it's such a powerful force.
Maybe get in the habit of starting your day with one of the exercises here. That way you'll get the benefit you seek without risking an edging session based on porn fantasy and old habits. See:

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