Thursday, November 3, 2011

...has a forum and a message board for porn addicts.  I just posted there.  This is what I said.


OK for what ever reason I didn't realize that I could post on this website and started my own blog/journal to help me throughout this process but then I noticed it was like to talk to the thin air because I wasn't getting any feedback :-)

You can go here to see what I've written -

I got porn induced ED when I was 19 a freshmen in college.  Its ruined a lot of my life and ruined most of my potential relationships.  I'm 32 years old now.  I can't tell you how many doctors I went to over the years, always to be told I was frustrating the ED just became part of my in my head with fantasy and porn and orgasm got me through but I was very lonely.  And I always pulled back as I started to get into new relationships.  It was bad.

Today, I am a religious man, living in a religious community.  Obviously, masturbation, wasting seed is discourage and marriage is strongly encouraged.  I'd like to get married and I've been working on my self to get there.  Recently, during one of the high holidays I was praying to G-d with sincerity, laying it all out on the line, I've suffered enough.  When the holiday was over, that night I came across an article about porn induced erectile dysfunction.  I did a google search and found  I watched the video about porn induced erectile dysfunction and it was like - "Prayer Answered!"  It so obvious was the issue had been all along..the only answered.

Then reading other peoples accounts of what they went through...I was like - "It wasn't just me."  And that they were able to overcome and have successful erection.  It was a very motivating feeling.

Its the evening of the 13th day of no PMFO.  I admit I have a little of of masturbation due to overwhelming fantasies and have seen some inappropriate images, however, I have a goal, and I turned away from the images and have am rationalizing away the fantasies.

I am also doing nurofeedback training, which I started before I stopped PMFO, and I think that is helping a lot.  There is information about how drug addicted treated with nurofeedback are far more successful than those who are not treated with it.  I sent my doctor the link to the video page of and he is reviewing the material.  He saw it briefly and he thinks it make sense.

Tomorrow I will be talking to my Applied Kinesiologist to see if there is a treatment we can use to adjust the brian naturally.

Hopefully this alternative treatments can help speed along or strengthen the process along.

Anyway, I am going to try and blog here along with my website, so please feel free to check out my daily updates there and comment.

All the best and with love,

Starting Over

PS I wrote this just before bed so sorry if its poorly written.

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