Monday, November 14, 2011


I'm true to be careful about what I write on this blog. I was going to share a link to an article I read about man's guilt over his porn viewing. However, the imagery they used in the article and the way he wrote it I was shaking. He mentioned which sites he went to, ones I never heard of, described what he had and I starting thinking - "Just take a look, forget about the K-9, do go".
I was honestly shaking while reading the article and my heart was pounding. The article was very personal in that way. I didn't want anyone else to risk relapse by reading it.
Which brings me to my next point..I really want to share in a blog about how I went over the deep end. But its so personal and I am afraid some people may LEARN from my mistakes (i.e.: repeat them) rather then learning how not to do them. I think its an important set in my recovery to write it but I have to find the time and have to get myself available to expose myself like this.

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