Monday, November 21, 2011

Whoa...WHAT WAS THAT! took Marina's (the woman behind [Gary, her husband is the man behind and yourbrainonporn) advise and choose to return some attention when I get it (Also see the comment she made on the blog I posted before this one).
This one women in my office (not my company but the same office, its a shared office floor) and I always look at each other, occasionally say hello but thats about it, its always kind of awkward. Today, she was walking and talking too someone on her cell phone in the hall wall and she walked to my office door, stopped in front of my door, put her hand on her hip, twirled and then walked the other way. OK, Even I am not THAT dumb not to notice that and see it as a signal.
I finally made the decision that I am going to go over and just say "Hello" nothing more. So about 5 minutes ago, she walked past my office, I figured she was going to the kitchen (which I had to get some tissues so I had an excuse), so I got up and went there, KNOWING I was going be the "aggressor"...HOLY I started walking there my dick started tingling like you can't believe, I thought I was going to cum in my pants before I got to the kitchen! I saw her, said "Hello", she said hello back, I got my tissues (as we booth stood their awkwardly as there was a lot being unsaid [mostly by me]) and went back to my desk.
It felt great AND my dick is still sensitive!
Ppppphhhheeeewwww (big depth breath let out).

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  1. Ha ha! Next time find something nice to say about her smile, her eyes, her clothing, her hair...or something. And then ask her what she's doing when she's not ___ (some amusing reference to where she works). May be tell her you're leaning to climb and see if she lights up.

    THEN the next time, you can say, you're planning to [go do something you know she likes], and would she like to join you.

    You can do it!